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New Customers with Facebook Video Marketing

According to Statista, there are roughly 8 million businesses on Facebook that are “active advertisers,” meaning they invest in Facebook Ads to market their products and services.

There is no denying that Facebook video marketing can be a powerful tool for acquiring new customers at scale. But not all Facebook advertising campaigns are created equal. The right strategies will make all the difference in your social media growth.

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1. Leverage the power of Facebook’s pixel

This tool helps match relevant Facebook Video ads to the right users at the right time. It is free to setup and whether you are advertising on not you need to setup the Facebook pixel on your website.

2. Determine the right creative for each campaign

The right creative mix will likely vary based on your target audience and campaign. Do your research to optimise your creative.  Split test. Make sure you use Video on Facebook, to reduce your ad spend and increase your reach.

3. Simplify your Facebook marketing campaign structure

Facebook campaigns have long emphasized hyper-focused targeting to reach extremely specific subgroups. But today, many brands are finding success by shifting in the opposite direction — running fewer campaigns and ad sets to improve Facebook optimisation and better scale customer acquisition.
Quite often, less is more. Simplifying your campaigns will make it easier for Facebook’s algorithms to optimise them for you, ensuring that they get in front of the right people.

Video marketing on Facebook results in lower ad costs

4. Use Automatic Placements

Automatic placements are a key part of Facebook’s optimization algorithm. Facebook’s algorithms spread your placements across these platforms based on its own data to display ads to users who are most likely to convert into paying customers. Let Facebook help you.

5. Use Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Help Facebook find your most likely customers by setting up custom and lookalike audiences. This is a powerful way to target your existing customers as well as people just like them. Use them to take your Facebook marketing to a new level.

6. Use Facebook Demographic Targeting Options

Most marketers already understand how basic demographic, interest and behavior targeting method work.  Most people just target the fans of other competitors.  But such methods of targeting may end up wasting most of your marketing spend since the quality of your competitors’ fans may not be what you’re expecting them to be.

Good news is, there are tools within Facebook such as Audience Insights and Graph Search that could help you pick the right method of targeting. Use them!

7. Give Away Something For Free

Contests and giveaways continue to be a popular customer acquisition tool on Facebook, and for good reason. Many of these campaigns are able to leverage a mix of paid advertising that is fueled by word of mouth audience participation that gets their products and services in front of even more people.

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