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Our Video Marketing Team are equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skill set needed to deliver an engaging video that can be used on social media, YouTube® and Facebook® advertising, as well as video ranking. Based on the North Shore of Auckland, we make affordable online marketing videos for local businesses all over the world.  We’ll work together to find the right message for your audience. Simplicity is important. We follow our proprietary ad copy strategy to produce compelling sales videos. We help you hone in on your target audience. With our video marketing strategy we are able to find where your target audience is located and target them specifically with your message when they are in a buying mode. We will deliver your story to the right audience at the right time with Video Ads and online marketing at an affordable price.

Online Video Marketing Surpasses TV Ads

In the US, it is reported that online video marketing has overtaken TV ads. According to BIA/Kelsey, in the US, 60% of Internet users have watched a video online at some point. More and more companies are realising that it is not only important for their company to be online, but to ensure that their content is engaging by using visual medium like video. This is because people watch as much online as they watch television. In fact in the last year more video is consumed worldwide than TV. People love to be up to date and aware that things are happening daily. Video helps them do that in a quick and easily absorbed fashion. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures! Businesses want to be the first to arrive on the scene with news about their products and services. Any news gives you the opportunity to make the most out of any new business developments. There is a world of consumers online every day that want information on your products and services. This is where video marketing comes into play. Business people have come to realize the effectiveness of video marketing. It’s almost like having a TV channel on your website. You can then promote these videos on social media and within other marketing channels such as email.

Increase Your Online Visibility

A very easy way to increase your visibility is add your video to your YouTube channel then embed a link into you blog.

You can also increase your ranking by using the right keywords in the article as part of your On-Page SEO. This is an art in itself and usually requires a professional search engine optimisation specialist. Try to incorporate your keywords into your website by using meta tags, heading tags, and title tags. By correctly using these tags you will help the search engines and visitors to find you.

Your keywords should appear anywhere and everywhere – not just in your text but in your title, headlines, URLs, links and images. Be careful not to overdo it. The search engines hate it when you try to keyword stuff your copy but if you just list your keywords in a natural way it should be fine. Do not forget to focus on your brand name. This is probably the most important factor online these days. Search engines love brands they can trust. You can build up trust by providing good quality content that is rich in images and video.

Not Sure Where to Start Your Video Marketing Journey?

We all had the problem once!  Here is a helpful million dollar video ad script template guide to get you started.

If you need help just reach out.

Testimonial Videos Drive Traffic to Websites

These days consumers look to reviews before deciding who to do business with. News style review videos reinforce your brand and your good reputation. They can be produced quickly and include a live actor as well as your logo, contact details and testimonial. Get noticed for the right reasons!

It has been reported that 80% of all web traffic to websites is attribute to search engines. Almost any marketing technique will have its place when it comes to search engine optimization, but few strategies are as effective as testimonial videos. According to a recent research report, 85% of marketers with e-commerce businesses believe testimonial video to be a highly effective traffic driver. 50% of the top 100 marketers online agreed video testimonials are a vital component in a typical e-commerce businesses online marketing package.

If you are a business owner the most basic form of marketing tested and a highly successful way to promote your business is with the power of testimonials from your clients. Almost everyone is familiar with testimonials such as the ones contained in the most successful ads, and sales letters. Everyone wants to know what their customers or clients think of their product or services before buying.

Affordable Video Marketing Online


The problem is most company owners, in fear of hurting the feelings of their “bad clients” do not ask them. This is a giant mistake! When a client gives you a glowing testimonial, the buying public knows they are dealing with someone who is highly credible and believable. With a great testimonial we can market the company and its products in a powerful way. Therefore, having your employees collect those testimonials, interviews, and letters are your secret sales departments.

In summary, ask for testimonials from your customers and especially from your existing clients. Having your employees collect the testimonials is the key to open the door to a fuller client base. This process is worth it in itself.

How to Get The Best Results from Your Testimonial and Marketing Videos?

There are a wide range of things you can do to connect with your prospects. I use four key strategies

1. Embed a video on to your website
2. Embed a video on to your blog
3. Post your video on YouTube
4. Add links to your video from Social Media and other blogs

Testimonial videos are very powerful. Your prospects will love an opportunity to see a real, highly credible testimonials from people they really do trust – your own customers.

Google Business Profile and YouTube Are Important

Both these Google properties will help you to rank your website content. Because Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free listing and appears above the fold for local search it is well worth adding various types of content and optimizing your GBP page. When you combine this with an optimized YouTube channel, that also has regular content added to it, you will find you get more free organic traffic to your website or blog.

YouTube video marketing


Google is the most important search engine for local businesses, enterprises and organisations around the world. In essence, Google is the world’s primary search engine. While the U.S. uses Google as their primary search engine, most countries around the world use Google as their primary search engine.

“Google Business Profile” is where you go to find all the relevant information about that business or organization.  You can search by business location, industry, name and other criteria. If you are looking to improve your local company search engine rankings, you want to understand the power of Google Business Profile. If you are a business owner and you aren’t using the power of Google Business Profile to bring local searchers to your site, you are missing out on potentially large amounts of phone calls and revenue.

We would be happy to send you more information on our affordable online video marketing and search engine optimisation services to help you build your reputation and drive sales.

If you are looking for a affordable video marketing services, we have videos starting from $97. So there’s a video marketing strategy to suit everyone. We make affordable online marketing videos.

Green Websites

We believe in helping the world build green websites. The badge below automatically calculates and displays the carbon emissions loading this website. We hope this will increase awareness of internet web traffic carbon emissions, giving people the opportunity to make simple changes to their website code and architecture, that can make a difference to the planet we all live on.

You can have your business website tested as well as get simple green recommendations from Marketer Dude. This is a free community service, that not only helps the planet but can boost your online reputation. Just get in touch. You'd be surprised how simple some fixes can be. We can even help you announce your "green score" with an online press release across a network of online news sites.

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